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Wine and Dine in Timeless British Style


Wine and Dine in Timeless British Style

The Jockey Club is more than a location. It’s a family, a community, and a lifestyle – and every single one of our members and staff is a part of it. Our head chef is absolutely passionate about food, always cooking up new ideas to put on your plate. We have one of the most varied menus in all of New Zealand, from British delicacies and traditional teas to Asian fusion, and beyond. Learn more about our wining and dining customs below, bringing the flavours of the world under one opulent roof.

Asian Fusion

Join us for lunch and dinner, where every dish is inspired by the delectable aromas and spices of India, South Asia, and the Middle East. Our chefs aren’t afraid to experiment with contrasting gastronomic traditions to give you a meal to remember. Set and customized menus are available.

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British Low Tea

A tea party fit for royalty, with 100% organic, award-winning Zealong tea leaves. Step inside and unwind as our team serves you an exquisite range of hot and cold teas, pastries, scones with preserves and clotted cream, cakes, and more. And don’t forget about British staples like tuna cucumber sandwiches that keep a millennia-old ritual alive. Set and customized menus are available.

Republican Chinese High Tea:

Chinese afternoon tea is a legacy and tradition cherished by Chinese Emperors throughout history. With roots stemming back to the Republican Period – when the concept of Chinese desserts collided with Western Etiquette – Chinese Afternoon Tea is a millennia old tradition that we are proud to uphold and sustain. We serve authentic Chinese Dim Sum, a delicacy and culture said to have begun in tea rooms in the 19th century – but legend indicates that the specialty dates back to the Tang Dynasty era from 618 to 907 A.D. It is said that Tang China could hold quite the party, with upper class banquets prioritizing “crispy” desserts featuring fresh fruit, cheese, frozen crispy flower cakes, and “Yulu Tuan” ice cream desserts – not forgetting the famously translucent “douhua” (Tofu Pudding). During the Tang Dynasty’s reign, Meng Hui wrote that humanity would one day return to the imperial city of Chang’an and immerse ourselves in the beautiful writings and popular afternoon tea delicacies selected by the Tang and Qing dynasties collectively. We at The Jockey Clubhouse are proud to be bringing this promise to life with authentic Chinese High Teas that escort our guests back thousands of years.

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