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10 Questions That Will Land You the Perfect Venue for Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are a vital part of your marketing strategy. These events will not only increase face-to-face communication, but they can also be a great business opportunity. It would be best to consider local, regional and national conventions, trade shows, and entertainment to get the market's attention.

If you have been searching for the perfect venue for your corporate event, this article will help you by providing ten questions you should ask when finding a venue. These questions can be helpful because they save you time and narrow down available venues to suit your company's needs.

1. Is the venue capacity a comfortable event size?

The venue capacity should be a comfortable event size. You don't want your guests to feel rushed or crowded during the event. The best way to ensure this is by asking the venue manager or owner about the maximum capacity for your event. Choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate your expected attendees and a few more in case of last-minute ticket sales.

2. How many separate spaces do we need?

Depending on your event, plan the space you need; it could include registration, break-out areas, and social function spaces. Never neglect to decide on this before contracting a venue.

3. What is included in the cost?

You might like the price of your venue when you look on paper, but keep in mind that there are additional costs. Don't forget things such as Audio-visual, venue styling, use of pre-function spaces, and clean-up, which could quickly increase your budget.

4. How far will people need to travel?

Location matters when you’re hoping for many guests in an event. Pick a venue close to where your attendees are coming from. If you’re expecting a large group from interstate or overseas, choose a venue close to the airport or city center.

5. Are the dates flexible?

When determining the date for your event, you should avoid the more popular days and instead choose a day that is less of a competition. The two most important factors are the cost of holding an event and the availability of competitors. You should keep your event on any given weekend or public holiday and avoid peak periods and busy tourist seasons.

6.How much is AV hire?

Audio-visual hiring is an additional part of the event, which incurs an extra cost. Your options for audio-visual are either using in-house companies, bringing in your own, or using one of the venue's preferred suppliers. If you get in your own AV, you will need to pay a fee to the venue.

7. How much time is allocated for setup/pack down?

Setting up and tearing down a venue is a big part of event planning. Enquire with the venue about the amount of time you'll have and whether other scheduled events will impact it. If you require additional time, the venue may charge a fee.

8. What are transport options available to staff and guests?

Make sure you have a venue with ample parking and transport options. You have to ask about the on-site parking and special transport options. Check if the venue is affiliated with a car parking station and offers discounts.

9. What are our options for catering?

When catering for your corporate event, you'll want to be sure that the venue you choose can provide delicious and nutritious food. Investigate what catering the venue can offer. Ask whether you need to supply any equipment or services yourself.

10. What branding opportunities are available?

If you intend to market at a trade show or seminar, ensure you know what branding opportunities are available at the venue. For example, can you use the venue’s screens? Can you hang banners and posters? Make sure this is discussed early on to avoid endless negotiations later on.

Hopefully, this article has provided valuable tips and helped you narrow your search to accommodate your event's needs. Whether you're a small business or one of the more giant corporations in town, having a great venue to host your corporate event is essential. It will help ensure that your employees and clients enjoy themselves.

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