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Luxury Venue Hire Auckland


Where Luxury is A Part of Life


The Jockey Club was born in the minds of a noble and inspired group of people with a taste for the finer things in life.

Luxury Venue Hire in Auckland



Where it All Began

The Jockey Club was born in the minds of a noble and inspired group of people with a taste for the finer things in life. Some of our passions include horse racing, equestrian culture, golfing, marine life, entertainment, fine winning and dining, and indulging in leisurely activities that feed our soul. We believe that life is too short to spend every moment trapped in the rat race of stress and pressure.


We opened our doors to give our esteemed guests a place to unwind and truly relax in an elegant atmosphere, defined by classic British décor and timeless royal nuances in every cook and cranny.

Clubhouse in Auckland
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Clubhouse in Auckland

The Story Behind the Story

The Jockey Club is an old English-style venue that radiates luxury in every furnishing and staff member. We are proudly giving the city’s most discerning citizens a private space to host meetings, low tea gatherings, and more in a luxurious environment where peace and quiet are paramount. With passion at our core, we strive to make every moment of your ‘The Jockey Club’ experience unforgettable, from the moment you enter the building to the second you dig into our varied cuisine, to the moment you leave – eager to return.

Event Venue Hire Auckland
The Jockey Club Logo - Clubhouse in Auckland


A Classic British Atmosphere

When you step inside The Jockey Club, you leave the rush of the world behind. We welcome you into an alternate universe of luxury and comfort, illuminated by natural light and paved with the infamously British red carpet. The club is equipped with a delightfully peaceful tea garden, restaurant, bar, and beautifully furnished spaces that set the stage for extravagant events. We are a community of like-minded people who are not afraid to admit that we know what we like, and we make it our lifestyle every single day. Surrounded by exquisite scenery both indoors and out, The Jockey Club truly is a place that must be seen to be believed.

Event Venue Hire Auckland

Wine and Dine in Timeless British Style

The Jockey Club is more than a location. It’s a family, a community, and a lifestyle – and every single one of our members and staff is a part of it. Our head chef is absolutely passionate about food, always cooking up new ideas to put on your plate. We have one of the most varied menus in all of New Zealand, from British delicacies and traditional teas to Asian fusion, and beyond. Learn more about our wining and dining customs below, bringing the flavours of the world under one opulent roof.


Event Services

Wild Icelandic Horses

Pony Parties and Events

The Jockey Club’s pony parties and equestrian-oriented functions are something we all look forward to. Spoil your guests to a horse-themed celebration with the chance to ride and engage with beautiful ponies in a safe, friendly, and fun environment. Our other events include watching races as an equestrian community to hosting high-end celebrity functions, fashion parties – and even planning indulgent leisure trips – we strive to create a central space where like-minded, noble men and women can make the most of every day.


We are proud to be upholding the time-honored equestrian culture and legacy in the serene and tranquil heart of such a busy city.

English Style Venue Auckland

Private Functions

The Jockey Club would be honored to host your event. Whether you are getting married, hosting a private function, a corporate affair, an annual conference – or even just a general meeting – let us set the right tone. We even offer a range of in-house services to ease your stress, including:

  • Event Planning, Coordination, and Logistics

  • Catering

  • Venue Setup

  • Photography

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Horses upon request


VIP Membership

Join The Jockey Club family and get rewarded with up to 30% off clubhouse spending (Ts & Cs apply). Contact our passionate team to enquire today and find out how you can become a member as soon as possible. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community where equestrianism, cultural traditions, and luxury pulse at our core. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our friendly team members and learn how you and your loved ones can become valued The Jockey Club members.

English Style Venue Auckland



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